Eventbrite - Conscious Heart Conference

“I have always loved angels, and became more interested in them because my instrument, the harp, has been long associated with them. When I began working as a harp therapy practitioner with patients in hospice/palliative care, it was then that I really began wanting to work with the angels more closely, to better serve my patients and to release any blockages in myself that might keep me from being fully present to them.The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos, which means “divine messenger.” I love thinking of the word’s etymology because it reminds us that we ourselves can be angels each time we carry a message of hope, love, peace, acceptance or forgiveness. I am a student of Angela McGerr Angelology. Angela is an extraordinary channel and teacher who taught me how to commune and meditate with angels, which anyone can do. Click here for a free video where Angela teaches you how to call in the angels and feel their energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvg57-bR6gEAngels are always waiting to help us. However, they will never interfere with our free will so we must always remember to ask for their help. Angels are always present where spiritual work is being done; they exist in every single religious tradition around the world. Certainly you will feel their divine energy in our soul retrieval journey at the conference! The first step to working with angels is opening your heart to them. Maybe the idea of fluffy cherubs doesn’t work for you; why not think of them as Rays of Divine Light! Their names in the Judeo-Christian mystical traditions such as the Essenes and the Gnostics are considered sacred sounds, to be chanted like mantras. Allow the angels to infuse your life with their sacred Light and Sound, and you will never be the same. Your spirit will lift, your purpose and potential will fall into place, and you will see in each and every person you meet a message of Love from these divine messengers, your angels!” Hannah Roberts Brockow

Hannah will be playing her harp during the soul retrieval journey guided by Cathyria and. Hannah will also be offering a sacred sound workshop on Sunday during the Conscious Heart Conference.

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