To those of us who weren’t raised in an emotionally safe environment, nurtured to develop deep trust towards life and its gifts, trust might come later, as the only possible outcome in a crisis.

We often start trusting when it is the only option left; when the pieces are so scattered that the effort required to reassemble them is more destructive than what brought on the chaos, when what alone remains, is acceptance.

This is not acceptance in the name of a lesson, often spoken of with the arrogance of false knowledge by members of the New Age movement: “what is this situation trying to teach you?… can’t you see the gifts in this crisis?” or the oft misquoted “nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” In fact, the lesson is only revealed in the emptiness of release, and letting go cannot be forced with admonition. This is acceptance as a profound submission to what is.

This release holds within it the seed of trust, and if it flourishes, trust unlocks a whole new and unexpected set of potentialities, and an aliveness previously unexperienced. Suddenly the world seems reborn and giving, always in surprising and welcome ways, not necessarily pleasant nor fixed to our liking, but accepted by us with the reverence offered to things sacred. Real gratitude happens, not the one of journals and workshops but the one that comes from the epiphany that all things are sacred.

Experiences, released from the bitterness of resistance, take on a certain sweetness and move us towards all our sisters and our brothers with love and compassion. And only then can we see those who hurt us as elemental to the release, as untanglers of the mess as well as its creators.

We’re not necessarily richer nor healthier, but we are graced with the fluidity of becoming. In this state of allowing, we are carried and lifted. Our own gifts can now generously be offered to the world, and true abundance can freely flow to us and through us.

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