What: Awakening the Womb Mysteries with Anaiya Sophia
Where: Vidalia Yoga, 5276 Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Villa-Maria Metro.
When: Wednesday October 26th 10am – 1pm
Contribution: 44$
By reintegrating the presence of the womb the fully awakened woman is born. A woman who has the power to not only dissolve the patternings, beliefs and behaviors of the Old Paradigm, but the clear-feeling vision to create the template of the New. This woman has reclaimed her power and is not afraid to use it to let go and create anew. With her throne of sovereignty re-instated – all psychic entrapments, connections, ties and obstacles simply fall away, making space for Creation to enter. The Womb in an energetic center for the woman, and does not disappear after a hysterectomy. This retreat welcomes all women, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all sexual orientations, and certainly with no discrimination as to whether her uterus is still in place. Because the Womb remains, and once activated, life reveals itself as the miracle, and She becomes the miracle, and her path becomes a blessed one.
We will learn the Sacred Ritual of Womb Pulsing. No experience necessary. Advanced students who want to transmit this Sacred Art, are more than welcome.
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