What: Sacred Body Awakening, women’s workshop, with Anaiya Sophia. With workshop assistant Melinda Kinze.
AND Sophia, the Return of Her Temple.
Where: Sacred Mountain Studio, Burlington, Vermont.
When: Sacred Body Awakening: Sunday October 23rd, 10am – 3pm, Sophia, the Return of Her Temple, Sunday October 23rd, 4pm – 6pm

Contribution:  70 US$ for Sacred Body Awakening workshop


Register quickly. All the retreats have been full.
A whole new meaning for the Divine Union of masculine and feminine within will be revealed. It will be an astonishing adventure to the frontiers of consciousness, a wild romp to the depths of our soul and a beautiful chance to plug ourselves into the heart of God/Goddess and begin to let our life be perfumed with ever-present grace.
While the workshop will be based in love and joy, its guide, Anaiya Sophia, is no spiritual lightweight. She is intensely committed to go through whatever humbling’s and fierce truth-telling is required to open to the full divinity that can move through you.

SBA and Temple

That staggering love is not found in intellect alone, No, it is found in entering into ecstatic, poetic and celebratory realms together. A Realm of deep touch, deep presence and deeper still, the depth of the soul where the unveiling of your role in the revival of the Sacred Arts can and will be discovered.
Make no mistake this retreat will be a truly transformational journey, one that will take you into parts of your being you may have never met, from the glorious heights to the murky shadows. However, it is journey based in totally unconditional, divine love and it will be undertaken with deep reverence and holy respect for every single aspect of your being.
She believes, or perhaps more rightly KNOWS, that the time has come for us all to take part in the birth of the Divine Human. The Divine Human emerges out of the mysteries of the sacred marriage – an alchemical process in which the opposites in us (particularly masculine and feminine) are fused to create a divine third – the androgynous “love child” that is the Divine Human. And it is through the Sacred Arts that this child can be ‘conceived’ and guided into form.
You may have touched, remembered and even hungered for this vision in your heart, but if you want to fully experience it in a living and breathing way, you’ll need an immersive environment with the right community, authentic teacher and clean practices.
It’s one thing to receive these teachings through the internet – and much depth and beauty can open in that way – but it’s truly an evolutionary next step to do so in communion with other people. You will be invited to step out of your private, individual practices and enter into sacred sexual embodiment.
This work is coming through the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness. All the prayers and practises will be coming from the spiritual tradition of Mary Magdalene, a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without need for permission or recognition from the patriarchy.
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