Beloved ladies,

It has come to my attention that some women think that the Sacred Body Awakening retreat with Anaiya Sophia, is of “sexual” nature. And having many wounds stemming from sexuality, they believe this is the wrong workshop for them.

Anaiya Sophia uses the words sexual and erotic, either too freely or with a different understanding than most of us. I suspect the second holds true.

Many of us, without even being aware of it, equate sexuality with some level of danger, a loss of safety. Yet, many people I know, who have worked with Anaiya and had done Tantra workshops before, have mentioned how “clean” her work is, how utterly unsexual it is, because perhaps they had never felt so safe and so held, on all levels, including the physical.

In my experiences, there were no sexual undertones, either in Anaiya’s Sacred Sexual Union workshop nor in her Sacred Body Awakening work, which I experienced at her home earlier this year; only very deep connection. In fact, Anaiya has created this work for women, because she found other traditions “too sexual.”

Nevertheless, what Anaiya means when she says “sexual” and “erotic” in her work’s description, is explosive joy and trust that stems from deep connection and vulnerability. Of course, when transferred to sexuality, it makes it even more explosive. But that is not what we will be doing – sexual work; – only restoring our body’s sacredness.

One thing that I have learned, is how deep and trusting connections with women are crucial to restoring sacred trust in life, the kind of Sacred Trust that has the ability to lift darkness, and let in joy. It is the kind of connection that can only be initiated into by the ideal early childhood environment, including an ideal birth, or an extremely skilled facilitator.

Another thing I have learned is that loving the vessel God gave me is crucial to my spiritual awakening. This has been a radical shift in my spiritual path: how can I fully love Source / God / Goddess and not love the Vessel, She has offered me?

I hope this quiets some fear about the work for you, and perhaps even persuade you to join us.

To dispel any misunderstanding, that may have occurred about this work, Conscious Heart Events is offering the early bird price back for a limited time and the possibility to reserve your spot by deposit, and pay the balance upon arrival (cash and credit card only.)

Please know that this is a non-refundable deposit.

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