When: October 29th and 30th
Where: Yasmin Yoga Loft
Early Bird Contribution until August 22nd: 222$ for 1 person for 2 days, 377$ for 2 people for 2 days. (Regular Price, after August 20th: 244CND$ single, 422CND$ couple)
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The core mystery of this era is the birth of the Divine Human through sacred relationship. Two being’s who are fusing together all their opposites, light and dark, body and soul, transcendent and immanent and masculine and feminine in a crucible of Trust and Consciousness.

We are passionate about this work because we believe we need to feel the staggering love of the universe in every cell of our body in order for us to truly birth what we are capable of birthing. And one of the best ways of embodying this is through the portal of intimate relationship. As the world changes before our very eyes – we believe we may have a difficult time ahead of us but if we are to be prepared for it – we must first shed our fear of it.

With vibrant, deep, rooted, mature love pulsing through our veins and meridians we shall remember that we are here NOT because of the path that lay before us.. but because of the path that lies behind us!

We are Here, Now, in this time…. breathing, open and ready to rebel against all and every form of illusion, separation and manipulation. Without this love through our societies, pumping cleanly into every aspect of our lives, we stand a lesser chance. With this love…. our every touch will be medicinal and healing. Every word – clean and true, every action – noble and pure. Divine Courage is NOT the absence of fear, but rather the total presence of fear, with the unyielding brave heart to face it.

Sacred Union is a rich resource of mystical feminine wisdom and transcendent masculine consciousness that births a practical, realistic path to bring women and men together as One. Within the core of all Divine Unions we discover the true kernel of lasting transformation. Within the Sacred Love of woman and the Palpable Presence of man lives a resource that can activate the forces designed for the complete transfiguration from Human to Divine.

During this weekend together we shall explore our Sexuality, Emotional Connectivity and Transparent Availability with one another, and ourselves.

We are inviting you with warmth, tenderness and a dose of fierce urgency to come and replenish your understanding of relating as this embodied aspect of the Feminine is needed now in both men and women. Our days together will be an astonishing adventure to the frontiers of consciousness, a wild romp to the depths of our soul and a beautiful chance to plug ourselves into the heart of God/Goddess and show up as Sacred Warriors of this great evolutionary Love Force.

While this workshop will be based in love and joy, your guides, Anaiya Sophia and Pete Wilson, are no spiritual lightweights. They are intensely committed to go through whatever humbling’s and fierce truth telling is required to open to the full divinity that can move through you.

This journey is held in a safe and comforting container streaming with unconditional, divine love and every step will be undertaken with deep reverence and holy respect for every single aspect of your being.

Anaiya Sophia administers the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness coming from the spiritual tradition of Mary Magdalene, a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without need for permission or recognition from the patriarchy. Her passion and unyiedling faith in this process is infectious and dependable.

Pete Wilson is about Presence; calling himself back there and anyone else that wants to come with him. He cares passionately about his own and your reunion with deepest truths, building ways to live as, and from that depth. He is particularly interested and inspired to investigate, with his brothers how men’s journey home can be initiated, eased and encouraged. With joy, peace and beauty he believes there is hope. Hope for something we haven’t seen before but that we all know is waiting, just outside of what has been graspable…until now!

Through your embrace of Sacred Union, you’ll…

* Burning through the layers of Co-dependancy, Resistance and Independancy

* Spiritual Direction to fortify your authenticity

* Cultivating your own internal Sacred Marriage

* Showing up in external Sacred Marriage

* The Radical Truth of your Divine Masculine

* The Mystical Wisdom of your Divine Feminine

* How to prepare and birth Divine Relationship

* Ecstasy: Woman’s Natural State of Being

* Presence: Man’s Natural State of Being

* Activating The Gifts Laying Buried In Sacred Relationship

* Defining what you want: Polyamory, Sacred Marriage or Healthy Relationship

* Sacred Union: The Path of Courageous Relationship is the narrow path of living life dangerously…

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