Healing the feminine wound among sisters is one of the major emergency undertakings of our times. Competition among sisters – even within Goddess groups and women’s circles – and the fear of a sister’s radiance upholds the division we see projected in our world.

When we are deceiving other women, we are deceiving ourselves. When we are condemning other women, we are condemning ourselves. When we are outshining other women, we are casting a shadow on ourselves. We are the crucifier and the crucified. The only way we can be the Light is by seeing the Light in Her. They are one and the same.

When I love, embrace and let shine the feminine in the other, I am doing the same for myself. Being able to see a woman in her whole radiance, to hold that vision of her radiance for her, allows you to do it for you.

Anaiya Sophia’s work has always been articulated around the healing of the feminine and the feminine community.

Sacred Body Awakening is Anaiya’s most recent offering in this vein, and goes deeper than ever before. The Sacred Body Awakening process, an embodied and sacred Temple practice, helps to connect your cells and your soul in such a way that every cell in your body is animated by your own Soul’s Light Codes.

Sacred Body Awakening is not necessarily easy work, it demands our whole engagement. Trauma may (or may not) come to the surface. We cry, we shake and we bask in the goodness of being deeply seen and held; we are fulfilled in remembering this practice we never knew we needed. And we come out fully transformed, inhabited by the liveliest feminine essence, ready to receive and offer the fruits of this precious life with Grace, and unlike ever before.

As a result, my Soul’s journey and purpose became crystal clear. My body engages in the world in such a way that it fulfills my Divine purpose, moment to moment. And yes, this was an immediate upgrade for me. When you are aligned in such a way, things become effortless, you might notice that help is always available. People you do not know show up at the right time to support you in any struggle you may encounter. Whatever your purpose, your environment conspires to make it happen.
Anaiya works with the holiest of intentions, she is a true energy vortex, an example of a Live Temple, and a powerful initiator into these ancient and forgotten practices. If you have any questions about this retreat please do not hesitate to contact me by email (info@consciousheartevents.com)

Spotlight on Anaiya Sophia

Have we lost our femininity and a part of ourselves in our pursuit to compete in a man’s world? Anaiya Sophia shares how women can regain their authentic feminine power and live in their womanhood without reservation or compromise.

The womb is the royal throne of power for the woman, and allows her to step into her full feminine power of creation and manifestation.To experience this fully, and much much more, please join us for Anaiya’s women only retreat,Sacred Body Awakening, this fall.

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