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Spotlight on Denis Chagnon

Denis Chagnon is a breath of fresh air in the world of energy healing. He’s an ex-police chief who cured himself from advanced cancer, and subsequently developed his own healing modality, which he teaches across the world. Oddly enough, although he has traveled the globe with his workshops, he has never taught in Quebec. Denis perfectly embodies the saying that a man has to travel the world before he can come home.

He hails from the Gatineau region and will be offering a Sunday afternoon workshop during the conference.

I hope you join us in welcoming Denis home.

“The strength of Chagnon’s work lies not just in its proven ability to help countless individuals recover from illness and sustain well-being—occasionally in contradiction of what medical science deemed possible; its strength also resides in a technique Chagnon developed for grounding that is so simple that anyone can master and practice it. Tellingly, Chagnon’s technique is not rooted in idea or imagination, but in the body’s own intelligence. Chagnon’s story is known to many people: he developed cancer, and declined the treatments offered by conventional medicine. His condition deteriorated to the point that the cancer had spread through his body, he was barely able to walk, and was given three weeks to live. But he paid attention to the pain that was wracking him, paid attention to the energy of it, and slowly discovered he could alter that energy and alleviate the pain. With that, he began his slow recovery—during which he developed the specifics of his technique, as well as the ability to read and work with energy in others. Chagnon’s grounding technique is easy enough to learn.” New Self, New World, Philip Shepherd

Denis Chagnon will be giving a deeply transformative workshop at the First Annual Conscious Heart Conference. Early bird prices are available for a limited time. Please join us.

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